Mark Surman


Mark Surman was Open Philanthropy Fellow, providing support and thought leadership on how community, networks and all things ‘open’ can increase the impact of the social innovations supported by the at the Shuttleworth Foundation. He also worked closely with the Foundation’s Open and Collaborative Resources team and leads a number of other grassroots innovation networks including and Open Cites Toronto.

A community technology activist for almost 20 years, Mark is currently the executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, with a focus on inventing new ways to promote openness and opportunity on the Internet. Mark was previously president of the Commons Group, a research and strategy firm focused on collaboration, community building and social technology. He also served as Director of Content and Community at Web Networks, Canada’s first and largest non-profit Internet provider. Before that Mark trained social activists to make their own documentaries and worked for a good number of commercial television stations. His interests include his kids, sharing, passion, open everything, Internet culture, funky tech – and how people use it.

Mark likes to write about community, technology and changing the world on his blog.

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