The first 100 days

I am now almost exactly 100 days into my Shuttleworth Fellowship. The day after I started the fellowship, on 2 September, a team of us organized a first London Citizen Cyberscience Summit. Talk about hitting the ground running! I’ve also been actively involved in launching new projects for the Citizen Cyberscience Centre, in partnership with IBM’s World Community Grid in China (Computing for Clean Water), with HP Labs in Africa (AfricaMap) and with theoretical physicists at CERN (LHC@home). And in parallel with all this I’ve been planning workshops in Brazil, China, India and Africa for next year, as well as setting the stage for a second summit on the island of Mauritius, probably late 2011. Here’s a narrated slide show summarizing a busy 100 days, in which I reckon I’ve spent more than 100 hours in airplanes.

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