Third support session for Philippi/Nyanga Primary Schools

With the focus on the uploading of content to CNX, our workshop venue was abuzz with excitement yesterday. Our delegates were delighted at their new learning in using MS Word correctly and most attendees experienced success with the uploading process, albeit that nothing significant was published. Due to time constraints, we were unable to cover all the content we had originally intended to but delegates felt confident about uploading content around their particular learning area on their own. Some, however, indicated their insecurity about putting their content into a public arena since they feared it may not be good enough and expose themselves to negative criticism as a result. Their fears were soon allayed when we introduced them to the personal workspace and work group area where they could get the opinion and input of colleagues before publishing. I was asked whether we would be willing to support them in the future with the uploading process.
Three of the eleven participants, including the school principal, had previously received Siyavula training but all the participants had been introduced to the CNX platform in one way or another by their trained colleagues. Our workshop lasted roughly two hours.

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