Alasdair Davies

Building affordable conservation technology

Alasdair Davies

So, what's the big idea?

An active conservationist and technologist all his working life, Alasdair Davies is combining these two passions with a third - openness - to bring affordable, customizable technology to the field through the Arribada Initiative. He is designing, developing, and producing open hardware, in partnership with field interventions, employing open approaches and licences. His objective is to break down the barriers that inhibit access to such technologies, delivering better, cheaper, reliable solutions to help the global conservation community better monitor and protect our planet.

We support Alasdair because we believe that conservation is an area in which low cost, open technology can make a substantial difference. Alasdair’s relationship with specific conservation efforts mean specific solutions to specific problems. His focus on openness in conservation technology, rather than the conservation of a specific animal or habitat, creates fertile ground for broad collaboration and replication.

Alasdair Davies's flash grant nominations

Twice a year we award a number of small grants to a collection of social change agents, no strings attached, in support of their work. We call these Flash Grants and recipients are selected based on nominations from our Fellows. Each award is worth $5,000.

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Spend breakdown

At the heart of our co-investment fellowship model is the principle that Fellows continue to invest in their own ideas. The Foundation amplifies the Fellow’s investment by matching it at least tenfold, along with covering the cost of their time for the year.

The figures you see here do not reflect each Fellow’s fellowship year funding, but rather the funds unlocked within our financial year, as the fellowship years start either March or September and Fellows are not required to spend the available funds proportionately throughout the year.


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