Delphine Halgand-Mishra

Protecting the right to know and the duty to tell

Delphine Halgand-Mishra

Project: The Signals Network

The goal of this project is to protect tech industry whistleblowers, hold tech power accountable, and advance public knowledge of wrongdoing.

“And it is surely an erosion of democracy when the agency of an elected government is reduced proportionately to the pace with which private companies are empowered. brilliant @MarietjeSchaake as always.”

The Big Idea

Whistleblowers are ordinary people who speak out against abuses of power and threats to the public interest. They provide vital information to the public and are a crucial feature of healthy democracies. However, it takes more than great moral courage to help bring health hazards, policy failures, market abuses, or privacy concerns to public attention. Whistleblowers also need support.

Delphine Halgand-Mishra created The Signals Network as a safety net for individuals who speak out. She works with newsrooms from across the globe to provide anonymity and advice to whistleblowers facing the prospect of losing their careers, livelihoods, and personal safety. Delphine’s fellowship focuses on building support for tech workers and holding the increasingly powerful technology industry accountable. She will also scale up her team.

Why We Funded

Whistleblowing is knowledge justice. It exposes the problematic ways that governments and companies sometimes engage with us, empowers us with information that increases our understanding of the world, and is a vital check on power. It’s open knowledge in its rawest form. Society must provide support for those brave enough to speak out. Until Delphine launched The Signals Network, that support was patchy at best.

Delphine has an implicit understanding of the whistleblowing field. She is precisely the right person to lead this critical social endeavour and is calm, considered, practical and respected, with an impeccable network of contacts. Having built a successful branch of an organisation from scratch, she intends to do the same with The Signals Network, making it more independent of her unique skills and experience.

Delphine’s work focuses on:

  • Scaling up The Signals Network and developing capacity to hold wrongdoers accountable through advocacy and campaigning
  • Supporting whistleblowers, focusing on those working in the tech industry
  • Increasing visibility in new countries, including the tech hubs of Ireland, Israel and India

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