Cory Doctorow selects new Shuttleworth Fellows

by SF Team, 3 February 2017

“It was an honour and a conundrum to serve as steward: an honour, because (obviously), I was in a position to help some remarkable people do transformative work; a conundrum because we were so spoilt for choice with remarkable projects and people.”

For our March 2017 fellowship round we have been working with the journalist, science fiction author, EFF Special Advisor and co-editor of Boing Boing, the wonderful Cory Doctorow. Cory took stewardship of our selection process and made the final decision as to who is awarded a Fellowship in this round. Being our second Honorary Steward, we have enjoyed seeing the unique flavour each has brought. Like Joi, Cory showed up as himself, carrying with him views, concerns and ideas about how our world needs to shift for the better. He looked for this in the shortlist, but was also completely open to being surprised and convinced by the applications he saw.

Having spent a week reviewing the short-list, Cory stopped by London where we spoke through the challenges each applicant is facing, and particularly where this fellowship will make the biggest contribute to change. As steward he had the opportunity to influence investment outside of his immediate context, but still build towards the world that we collectively care about.

As he questioned and challenged assumptions, we got to see the world through his lens for a while. We both came to new insights, shifted perspective and also had some beliefs reaffirmed. In the world the new cohort brings openness to conversation technology, medical devices, genetic research and inclusivity on the web. They also add fresh themes and perspectives into the group.

We want to thank you, Cory, for showing great commitment and diligence in reviewing, researching and preparing for the final selection. Your contribution to building open leaders goes far beyond the specific investment made in these new Fellows. Our conversation has helped us learn, broaden our sense of possibility and refine our process, we will be ever grateful.

Have a look at the new Fellows Cory selected.

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