Current Fellows

ArthurAttwell_Sept 2011

Arthur Attwell

Paperight: A web-based rights marketplace
Arthur Attwell is a publisher and entrepreneur with a passion for technology, and experience producing commercial and open-licensed content as part of a sustainable business. Arthur is building a web-based rights marketplace called Paperight, a website that turns anyone with any printer and an Internet connection into a print-on-demand bookstore.

Catharina Maracke

Intellectual property rights
Catharina is an intellectual property lawyer specializing in international copyright law and policy, the interaction between law and technologies, and the question of standardization in the open licensing ecosystem.

Dan Whaley

Annotation for the web
After two decades of progress in web infrastructure and technologies, Dan believes the time is finally at hand to realize the widespread annotation of human knowledge. He is the founder of, a non-profit focused on enabling this vision through the development and deployment of open software and services.


Daniel Lombraña González

Citizen Science: Crowdcrafting
Daniel Lombraña González is a computer engineer with a PhD that loves open source software and new technologies. He's worked with the Citizen Cyberscience Centre as a researcher and a developer and also collaborated with the Open Knowledge Foundation.

David Wiley

Open educational resources
David wants to push the field over the tipping point and create a world where open educational resources (OER) are used pervasively throughout secondary schools, community colleges, and universities. In his vision of the world, OER supplant traditional textbooks for all high school, associates degree, and undergraduate general education courses.

Esraa Al Shafei

Tracking voices of protest from around the world
Esra'a Al Shafei is the founder of , an open source platform that tracks voices of protest from around the world by curating and crowdsourcing valuable data. She is a recipient of the Berkman Award from Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society for "outstanding contributions to the internet and its impact on society".


Jaisen Mathai

Preservation of digital archives
Jaisen Mathai is not actually a photographer of any kind. He simply has a lot of photos which are extremely valuable to him. He believes that others do too. Our photos collectively tell others about our life, society and generation. He's working on Trovebox to make sure everything we've captured is preserved.
Jesse von Doom

Jesse von Doom

Sustainability for artists on the open web
Jesse von Doom and his nonprofit organization CASH Music build free and open tools to help musicians promote and sell their work. The goal is to use open source to explore new models and allow musicians to find their own paths to sustainable careers on an open web.

Johnny West

Open Data in the Extractive Industries
Johnny West is an entrepreneur with a passion to bring an open data approach to natural resources. His company OpenOil has published 20 CC-licensed books on extractive industries in five languages and he is now working on GaiaBase, an open source repository and namespace to enable responsible management of the world's natural resources.


Jonas Öberg

License and attribution metadata
Jonas Öberg is crafting technology that makes digital life easier by leaving some of the hard work to computers. His current work focuses on making the context of a digital work -- such as the license or creator of a work -- an integral part of the work itself. This will reduce the barriers for re-use and challenge the way we think of the value of digital works.

Moxie Marlinspike

Privacy Enhancing Technology
Moxie Marlinspike is a researcher and software developer working in the security and privacy space. His security research has focused primarily on SSL, one of the internet's fundamental secure protocols, of which he has published numerous attacks and proposed solutions over a 10 year period. He was the co-founder and CTO of Whisper Systems, a mobile security company, which was acquired by Twitter, where he ran the product security team.

Peter Murray-Rust

Liberating Scientific Fact From Journals
Peter Murray-Rust is a scientist who wants to make scientific information available to everyone, and to make it useful. Machines are a key part of this so he has developed semantic tools which read the literature, extract, validate and republish science. Peter believes that many others share this vision which will grow through bottom-up communities. One such is the Blue Obelisk which has developed many Free/Open programs in chemistry.


Rory Aronson

Automated Precision Farming
Rory Aronson is a mechanical engineer and social entrepreneur working to help solve big social and environmental challenges. Currently he is focused on FarmBot, humanity's open-source automated precision farming machine, and OpenFarm, a free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge.